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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Galaxy S3 New Firmware Update I9300XXBLFB - Includes Camera Updates

Recently Samsung has released a new firmware that addresses a few issues as well as updating a few features and improved performance. Currently the update is only available for UK models and I guess it will come to other countries soon.

Among these updates, a few key feature updates include brightness slider, camera firmware and software updates, kernels etc.

There a website (Totallydubbed) compiling most of the updates found by users from xda:-

  • Camera voice recognition – icon changed
  • Camera voice recognition – feedback
  • Camera – wand – 11 new modes
  • Swype – now works in google search box
  • Swype – now works in address bar for searching
  • Swype – improved accuracy
  • Text messages – attachment icon on the left
  • Text messages – message box width reduced
  • Text messages – delete specific messages in a conversation
  • New widgets – splanner month, splanner task, splanner mini today, digital clock, all share cast
  • Lock screen – camera launches quicker
  • Audio application checkbox
  • Email – update time
  • Email – message body
  • Redraw issue – fixed
  • Adjusted the screen tone
  • Long press power for silent/vibrate
  • Clock – desk clock
  • S planner – week view changed
  • Camera Firmware has updated from GDFE01 to GDFF02
  • Noticed there is a lot of updates for the camera and the firmware update has rumoured to improve some low light shootings. I will cover about this update as soon as I get to install it. Stay tuned.

    At the mean time, one of the forum member (Andrewtst) from lowyat forum has managed to flashed this new firmware and shared the interface of the new camera software UI.

    Apparently this new "Wand" feature acts like a colour filter that is found in many digital camera as well. Can't wait to get my hands on this new firmware.

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